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In this article we are going to address the topic of Category:Redirects to disambiguation pages, which has gained relevance in recent years due to its impact in different areas. Category:Redirects to disambiguation pages has been the subject of debate and analysis by experts in the area, who have highlighted the importance of understanding and reflecting on its implications. Throughout this article, we will examine different perspectives and research related to Category:Redirects to disambiguation pages, with the goal of providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view on this topic. Likewise, we will explore its influence on society, the economy, politics and other relevant aspects, in order to understand its scope and impact in the current context.

These redirects are pointed to by links that should always point to the disambiguation page (via these redirects) rather than be disambiguated. As such, these redirects are restricted to only those that have "(disambiguation)" in their page titles. Contrast this to ‹The template Cat is being considered for merging.› Category:Redirects from ambiguous terms. When using such redirects, "What links here" on a disambiguation page with links sorts such links separately (e.g. see Special:Whatlinkshere/Georgian).

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